From DashThirtyDash, the Times-Picayune Employee & Contractor Assistance Fund, comes an amazing — but depressing — email from a Times-Picayune/ reporter. This is what a new, enhanced digital focus looks like:

I am on the streets talking to a murder victim’s family and friends while his body is being loaded into a coroner’s van after my shift because we don’t have a Saturday night person – apparently we aren’t hiring one. Then I find out there was also a murder-suicide.

I go to this morning so I know what I need to follow up on today and neither story are anywhere to be found on the home page…

Then I get criticized by – a group of people who still have all their jobs despite our despised website – because a 4th of July story I pitched, wrote, and blogged is in the holiday blog, which apparently is only for certain holidays.

But as we’ve been told over and over again, we should question everything but their commitment.

Author: Matt Miklic

Designer, and other useful things.