The anti-abortion social agenda being pushed in the Alabama state legislature is obscene in its disrespect for women. I can’t believe we’re having this debate in 2012.

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Is it just me, or is this one of the most bizarre legislative sessions in Alabama’s recent history?  It seems as if once they managed to pass HB 56, they decided to go for broke and introduce every outrageous bill they could imagine!  I was busy this past week gathering information about the planned closure of Alabama’s major psychiatric hospitals in September (stay tuned).  Then Friday afternoon, I started getting phone calls from local TV stations, asking for an interview about SB12.  Please stop a minute and read the actual bill if you haven’t already.  Don’t go just on what you see in the press summaries.


I was a little taken off guard by the requests.  I’m a pediatrician, not an Ob-Gyn.  I have no training in abortions and never witnessed one—I did deliver some babies in medical school, but that’s it.  All I can think is that…

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